The Peace Cafe Movement

" The Objective of The Peace Cafe in Tbilisi Georgia is to promote World Peace Movement Values of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Humility, Giving, Patience and Truth by promoting Amateur and Street Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Painters and Physically Challenged Handicapped people through The Peace Cafe. So that the People are encouraged to Promote Peace from Within.

The Peace Cafe will have live Music and Dance performed by Amateur and Street Artists Musicians, Vocalists, Dancers and Physically Challenged Handicapped persons through daily live performances. We will display and sell paintings, sculptures and artifacts of Amateur, Street Artists and Physically Challenged Handicapped persons. Our Goal is to ensure that all the Amateur and Street Artists are given a chance to perform and are able to earn a livelihood through The Peace Cafe movement. Training classes will be provided to Children who will be encouraged to take up an Art of their interest. Children Birthday Parties with Live Music, Dance Performances will be encouraged.

The Peace Cafe is The World Peace Movement where Coffee, Drinks, Food, Peace Chocolates, Peace Gifts, Peace Cards and Training Classes, will be used as the source of Revenue for sustaining the business while Amateur and Street Artists, Musicians, Painters, Physically Challenged Handicapped Persons are Employed and promoted through daily live performances, weekly and monthly events, Birthday parties, events of International Importance.

During the Performance Breaks the short videos promoting World Peace like Speeches and Quotes of Peace Leaders Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, King David, Dr. Huz will be shown on the large screens or LCD LED TVs.

It all started when we discovered that what we can do to build a better life for the amateur and street artists, musicians, painters, dancers and physically handicapped people, who do not have jobs or fixed income to sustain themselves and their families, who play music or display their art works, paintings, sculptures in public places, streets, subways, near market places or metro stations. We decided to stimulate and promote their cultural life and creativity. We also studied the way improving their daily lives and came to the idea of opening The Peace Cafe in the heart of our beautiful city Tbilisi. In a cozy atmosphere where a performing hall and an exhibition space will be suitable for the Physically Challenged Persons'' needs and talent display. Dining space designed decorated with frames and posters promoting Peace Values of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Humility, Giving, Patience and Truth thus promoting Peace and Friendship.

Through The Peace Cafe Movement we aspire to generate a new approach to social problems combined with culture and common values, we try to stand by Amateur and Street Artists, Physically Challenged Handicapped Persons daily hardships and make their lives more comfortable for creativity, creativity that may serve as an ambassador of The World Peace.

Please Donate and Pay for Making Amateur and Street Artists, Physically Challenged Handicapped persons lives better, it's easier when you feel that culture and art are an integral part of our everyday life and we are very important for them. Our Goal is to raise US $ 50,000 for The Salaries of Musicians, Vocalists, Artists and Physically Challenged Handicapped Persons as Cafe Staff, buying Music and Audio Systems and Rent of Peace Cafe in Tbilisi Georgia.

Thanks Have a Nice Day!

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